Wardrobe Review

Personal Shopping

Visiting someone in their home and reviewing the contents of their wardrobe is a very personal thing. Asking someone for advice can be daunting, but my aim is to make you feel the best you can be by trusting in me.

The wardrobe review is a great starting point as I can go through your existing wardrobe and together we can look at pieces you haven’t worn for a while, or things that don’t fit. Once I have identified the key items you should keep, we can then look at shopping for new pieces, which will coordinate perfectly, ultimately creating a new capsule wardrobe which will herald the end of ‘never having anything to wear’.


As part of this review, we will also discuss your body shape and analyse which colours will work best for your skin tone so that going forward you will be able to shop with complete confidence!

Now for the fun part! We get to go out together armed with the knowledge we have gleaned from your wardrobe review. We can now concentrate on which shapes, colours and styles flatter you most, making the whole shopping experience much more productive.  


I will ensure your personal shopping trip is fun but calm and relaxing, as this is your special time. You will finish your day feeling confident and inspired.

Men's Styling

I really enjoy styling men as the experience for them is usually quite different than it is for women.

In my opinion, the majority of men don’t really enjoy shopping and see it more as a chore than an enjoyable experience. They only tend to shop a couple of times a year, when the seasons change.

When men realise which colours suit them and how they can use accessories such as the right tie or a silk pocket square to liven up a city suit, they want to learn more!

We will review your existing wardrobe and I will advise on which items you should keep, and from there we can discuss how to update your look, whether it be a beautiful tailored suit for work or a buttery soft leather jacket for the weekend, I will teach you how to shop with confidence.


Wardrobe review


£200 - 3hrs - to include body shape and full colour analysis

Personal Shopping

£250 - half day (3.5hrs)


£450 - full day (6hrs)

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